2 thoughts on “Laura Tonlaveur (FR) (RTTE-001)”

  1. Raoul, I enjoyed this one. I appreciated the change of camera angle, and Laura's lively way of expression. I think if the interviews are any longer, it would help either to record on location (e.g. Laurie in and around Roandola) or to use location shots to break up the 'to-camera' talking. I think your stills of Romanian countryside are great. Best wishes with your project.

  2. Michael, I appreciate the feedback! I've been thinking about varying the camera angles and locations, especially for the longer interviews, but that introduces more complications for the shoot, as you may know. There are the different shooting conditions (lighting, sound, wind), the extra time involved, the extra equipment I'd need to carry, install and manipulate, etc., which would make it difficult for a one man team (me) to handle all of it. I'm trying to stay as mobile as I can, because I have to travel to shoot the interviews, and to make the shooting and editing straightforward. If my show gets picked up by a TV channel, I'll be glad to introduce more complexity to the shoot and the editing, but until then, it's a bit hard on me.

    There's also a part of me which wants the interview to be a face-to-face meeting with the people I present, with them sitting in front of the camera and talking with the viewers, telling them their story. I know it's a bit hard to follow in today's short-attention-span society, but I think what they're saying is quite interesting.

    Thanks again!

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